The uniqueness of CCM 2018, There is a Lottery Car Lottery

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Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido
KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU CITY- RAN AWAY from the past, to Central Sulawesi that is advanced, independent and competitive. It is the meaning of the mascot used in the event of Central Celebes Marathon (CCM) 2018 which will be held on 15 April. CCM mascot described people running back from the Statue of Palindo and overlooking the map of the island of Sulawesi.
In addition to the mascot, the uniqueness of the CCM is one of the benefits for the promotion of tourism, according to the Chairman of the 2018 CCM Committee, Saifullah Djafar, the running track will be filled with cultural spots. “There will be 13 cultural spots to be filled by 13 districts / cities in Central Sulawesi. There will be also applause cheering by students in every spot of runners, “said Saifullah, during a Press Conference of Provincial Anniversary Preparation and Re-Launching Press Room of Governor’s Office, at Pogombo Building, Thursday (5/4/2018).
In addition, there will be a Drum Band in a certain place. Runners will also traverse four dimensions of Palu City, such as valleys, oceans, rivers, mountains, and bays. 
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