Zainudin Replaced In the Middle of His Employment


KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU CITY- REPLACING “In the middle of the employment” Chairman of the Regional Leadership Board (DPW) of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) of Central Sulawesi, Zainudin Tambuala, replaced by Moh Nur, is part of the party’s refreshment and inheritance. “This also includes the effort to win the party in the upcoming 2019 election,” said Mohamad Wahyudin during a press conference with a number of media, (9/4/2018).

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The internal mechanism of the MCC is the direct appointment by the center, without voting in their respective territories or discussion’s territory. This change is a refreshment and inheritance of the leader. “Previously we have confirmed this to the previous DPW related to the dismissal, Zainudin Tambuala said that he was asked to concentrate on taking care of Dapil in Sigi and Donggala District. Because we know in the region the PKS has no seats in the legislature. It is also not the first time in our internal party, “said Wahyudin.

In relation to the DPW turnover with the chaos in the DPP, Moh Nur explained that this matter is left to the central authority to conduct the assessment. The Chairman of the old DPW also has revealed himself accepted this decision with a graceful chest. “If any change is related to the chaos at the center, it is not our authority to judge the old leader, Zainudin Tambuala is very eager to attend this press conference, but is unable to attend the family celebration in Kawatuna District,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Assembly of Regional Leaders (MPW) of PKS Central Sulawesi, Mahmud Yunus related to the change said that this is an internal mechanism of the MCC. According to him, the Chairman of the old DPW strongly contributed greatly to the party. Proven to survive for two periods in the province. Therefore he is more focused on optimizing the winning in the two districts whose posts have no seats at the legislative level. “Basically, this change is as described previously, simply to refresh and leave the reins of leadership to the new again, for resettlement also not only this time in PKS,” he said.**


Reporter: Firmansyah

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