2019: Vatulemo’s Face Will Look Different

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THE PLAN Is one of the icons of Palu City which is a public facility, Vatulemo field which is around the Mayor’s office and the heart of the city will be changed in 2019. Both from the physical form and the management. This was revealed by the Head of the General Affairs Department of Palu, Akram in his office on Wednesday (08/15/2018).

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According to him, until now the management in the place has not been maximized. Such as garden maintenance, cleanliness to public toilet facilities. However, in 2019, the rehabilitation will be carried out, so that the face of the field is better. This is intended as one step in making Palu a tourist destination.

For general toilet facilities, Akram revealed that it would be renovated, all the buildings would be repaired, both in terms of completeness to cleanness. “The plan for public toilets in the Vatulemo field will be renovated again, there will be a changing room for people who are doing activities in the area,” he admitted.

For the management and maintenance of the Vatulemo park, said Akram, the City Government will hold a third party. That is by utilizing the Palu park experts. ” The arrangement will be even better, starting from the maintenance of the park to lighting. This means that we use local staff to carry out the maintenance starting from cleanliness and maintenance, “he said.

In addition, in the future, Vatulemo field will impose entertainment tax levies for private parties (event organizers) who will carry out activities at the venue such as the music concerts, art shows and so on. But according to Akram, this does not apply to community activities. ” For people who will carry out activities on the Vatulemo field, please come and no levy fee will be collected or free. But as a good society, let’s keep the garden clean. So indirectly we together make Palu clean, beautiful, beautiful and comfortable, “he pleaded.**

Reporter: Firmansyah

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