KKB Papua Shooting Victim: Three Victims from North Morowali

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KKB Papua Shooting Victims, three from Morowali 

Translater: Jesica porogoi

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THIRTY One victims of the shooting by his spokesman from England was
aimed at ‘Free Papua’, apparently there were sons of North Morowali Regency, Central
Sulawesi. The three are Yusran, Aris, and Yosafat. The three were the employees
of PT Istaka Karya who arrived at Bunta Village, East Petasia District. The
victims will be buried by family in a public cemetery in their village.

Previously, Yasofat and Aris arrived in Palu around 6:40 a.m using Lion
Air JT781 aircraft and were immediately taken to Cargo Wire House airport.
Meanwhile, Yusran arrived around 12:15 a.m. using Batik air ID 6232.

After Yusran’s body arrived, the three were immediately taken by an ambulance
to Bunta Village to be buried. “Sooner, the plan will be buried them
tomorrow as the body has begun to rot,” the family said, Daniel to a
number of journalists. Previously, the three bodies were flown from Timika on
Friday, December 7, 2018 yesterday.

The three victims had arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar
alongside with fourteen other victims from Tanatoraja, South Sulawesi and Medan
in North Sumatra, East Kalimantan, and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Meanwhile, the sorrowful tears enveloped the victims’ families of the
shooting of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Nduga, West Papua while picking
up the bodies at Sultan Hasanuddin Air Base (Lanud) in Makassar, Friday, December
7, 2018.

The body was lowered from the Hercules airplane type 1331 at the local
airport to the ambulance. As it is seen as many as 14 coffins were lowered from
a total of 16 coffins brought from Papua shortly after arriving at Sultan
Hasanuddin Airport.

The body was flown from Mozes Kilangin Timika Airport on Friday, and
arrived at Lanut Hasanuddin at 6:05 a.m.

While the other two coffins will be flown to Jakarta followed by using
commercial aircraft to Medan, North Sumatra Province.

Nurhaida Lenteng (41), Mother of Muhammad Agus, the victim of the
shooting from Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province when he picked up his son’s
body was visibly shocked and his eyes continued to glaze over. She was sobbing
and crying when touching the coffin.

“I am still grateful that my child is still found even though he
died. We sincerely accept this fate, thank you to the armies and polices for
helping to repatriate our child,” Nurhaida said.

While Rifka, Alipanus’s family was the other shooting victim from
Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi looked sad and could not resist on feeling sad.
Nevertheless, the family stated courage in facing the trials. Head of
Information and Library (Kapentak) of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Major Sus
Henny Purwani, said that the number of coffins dropped from hercules were 14

With details, one taken to Gowa Regency, one taken to Makassar, seven
taken to Tana Toraja, three taken to Palu City, one taken to Balikpapan and one
taken to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

“The remaining two chests will be taken to Jakarta, followed to Medan,
North Sumatra. For Palu and NTT, they will be brought using cargo services
using commercial aircraft, while the shooting victims from Tana Toraja used the
land routes as well as Makassar and Gowa,” he added.

Reports from the village head in Yigi, Papua, cited air and bomb
attacks by TNI against the Armed Forces (KKB) which resulted in a number of
civilians being killed. Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih Colonel Inf Muhammad Aidi
asserted that the information was incorrect.

“We need to emphasize here that TNI has never used a bomb attack.
They only uses standard weapons of infantry forces namely individual rifles
carried by each soldier,” Aidi said through a press release on Sunday

Aidi stated that the process in the field could be witnessed directly
that the defense equipment was used by TNI with bell and MI-17 type helicopters
and there were no attack helicopters, especially the combat aircraft or

“TNI has also never carried out an attack, whereas when carrying
out an evacuation effort it was precisely them who attacked the evacuation team
so that there was a gunshot and resulted in one Brimob member suffering a
gunshot wound,” he explained.

Aidi explained, the location of the massacre on the summit hill of Kabo was a
forest area located about 4-5 km from the edge of nearest village. Therefore,
if there were reports of falling victims due to the shooting contact, the
victims could be analyzed not as pure civilians, but they might be part of the
perpetrators who carried out the massacre.

All statements about the fall of civilian casualties, bomb attacks and
the term combat zone, he stressed, were only propaganda efforts of KKB to lead
public opinion to corner the TNI-Polri.

“It is as if the TNI-Polri have committed acts of human rights violations,
while those who have raided dozens of innocent civilians as if it were not a
mistake and want to seek justification,” Aidi concluded.**

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