The Voters Decreased, DPT SULTENG 1.952.810 VOTERS

source / editor: Sulteng Public
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THE PERMANENT Voter List (DPT) for legislative elections and
the 2019 RI presidential election for Central Sulawesi province is equal to
1,952,810 voters. This DPT includes numbers from 12 districts and one city.
This was in accordance with the provisions of the Central Sulawesi KPU, as
stated by the Central Sulawesi Gafur KPU members before an expanded
coordination meeting held by the Governor along with other stakeholders in the
governor’s office last week.

to Gafur, from the DPT Central Sulawesi, only the DPT Palu was reduced. Whereas
for the DPT of Sigi Regency and Donggala Regency, the numbers increase.
According to him, the addition of DPT Sigi and Donggala was due to the increase
in the number of voters from the results of the upgrading.

to the legislative election and Presidential Election in Pasigala due to the
impact of the disaster, KPU Central Sulawesi will make changes to polling
stations (TPS) in the Petobo region, Balaroa, Palu City and Jono Oge Village in
Sigi. ‘’Our plans are like that,’ ‘I’m Gafur. He also hoped and ensured the
involvement of the local government, TNI and Polri so that all voting rights,
namely the community, would vote in Central Sulawesi.

same thing was also said by the Chairman of the Central Sulawesi Bawaslu,
Ruslan. He said that in terms of supervision in the current campaign period
there were many violations found by Bawaslu. Both political parties and
legislative candidates do related to the placement of campaign props (APK).

is the governor’s response? Longki hopes that in the future the election of the
former Petobo and Balaroa people will still vote in the area. But what is of
concern to many people is the voters who have lost their ID cards or their
identities so that they can be dealt with from now on, ‘So that it does not
become a problem in the future,’ said the governor, warning.**

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