Kulawi Refugee Live in a Hut as the Shelter

Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

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REFUGEES Who have been living in tents and huts said they
would immediately return to their homes and build their version of shelters.
This was after the Tanah Merdeka Foundation together with the disaster
observer, Dr. Abdullah socialized about the earthquake in Boladangko Village
and Namo Kulawi District, Sigi Regency, on Sunday (3/2/2019).

“After the socialization, they will return to
their home location by building huts, even though the material is only from the
rubble of their heavily damaged house. “They do not need to wait for
shelter that is being built,” Dr Abdullah said on Wednesday (02/06/2019).

The socialization was carried out in tents because
there were no suitable buildings to be used for meetings in the village.

The socialization materials included assistance
with economic recovery, and making earthquake-resistant “sample
houses”, as well as for refugees to fulfill their rights as victims of the
disaster. Also explained about the situation and conditions of faults in Kulawi
and disaster mitigation.

A total of 35 houses in Dusun III RT I Namo
Village were severely damaged and some were flat on the ground. The
destruction, Abdullah said, was due to the settlement of residents being
crossed by a sliding fault that formed a crack of land about one meter wide.

At present most residents have lived in
“huts”. They get help from non-government institutions.

“Citizen activities began to stretch without
the need to wait for the construction of shelters,” Abdullah said.**

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