MUI: Consumers Eligible to Know Product Status

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CONSUMERS Have the right to know the status of products
consumed. Not only from the health aspect (thayyiban) but also from the aspect
of halal (halaalan).

Such is the affirmation of the Chairperson of the Palu
City Ulema Council (MUI), Prof. Zainal Abidin MAg when he was one of the
speakers at the socialization of the improvement of the quality of the superior
products of cooperatives carried out by the Central Sulawesi Cooperative, Small
and Medium Enterprises, in one of the hotels in Palu on Thursday (7/2/2019).

Reported by the public relations of MUI Palu,
Prof. Zainal Abidin MAg delivered material about procedures or procedures for
managing halal certificates for each business actor.

“For Muslims, the halal aspect of the
products consumed is part of the religious provisions (shari’a) that must be
obeyed. Thus, this issue is an urgent matter for Muslims because it is directly
related to the aspects of faith and the implementation of religious teachings, “explained
the Chairperson of the Alkhairaat Big Management Expert Council.

Therefore, the procurement of halal certification
in food products, medicines, cosmetics and other products actually aims to
provide certainty of the halal status of a product, so that it can guarantee
the halal and reassure the mind of Muslim consumers. But ignorance often makes
the company lack the awareness to register to obtain a halal certificate.

“In Indonesia, halal certification for a
product, especially food and beverages, is very important because the majority
of consumers in Indonesia are Muslims. This is not only important for
consumers, but also for companies, including small and medium businesses,
because with this certification their products “It will gain public trust,”
said the Head of Central Sulawesi FKUB.

Central Sulawesi’s Syuria Rois Nadhalatul Ulama
said there were several types of businesses that needed halal certification,
namely processed food and or beverage businesses, restaurant businesses,

“Producers who wish to apply for halal MUI
certificates, need to prepare some such as photocopying ID cards, fitting
photographs of 3 x 4 colors, photocopies of business licenses. To administer
halal certificates of MUI, all the requirements mentioned above are brought to
“The provincial MUI office. After that, fill out the registration form
that contains what ingredients are used in producing food / drinks,” he

Furthermore, the First Chancellor of the IAIN Palu
said, the team from the MUI would come directly to the place of business to
conduct field checks. If there is no problem with the material used for the
production of food / drinks, then more or less halal certificates from the MUI
can be issued within approximately 2 weeks of the field survey.

However, if there is a slight problem when the
field inspection is carried out by a team from the MUI, it will take a longer
time because it needs to improve a number of things first, especially if the
producer uses some materials that are less precise in producing the food to

Therefore, if someone is interested in getting a
halal certificate from the MUI, he must really ensure that all ingredients used
are included in food / beverage ingredients that are safe for consumption.

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