The 3.3 Billion Mosque, Integrated Tambi & Aceh Traditional

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Reporter: Firman Lawawi

MASJID Jami ‘Nurul Hasanah in Pengawu, Tatanga
Sub-District, Palu City, Central Sulawesi Province (Sulteng) which was damaged
by the September 28 2018 earthquake, on Wednesday (13/02/19) the construction
was restarted marked with the groundbreaking Acting Governor of Aceh, Ir Nova
Iriansyah accompanied by Regent of Pidi District of Aceh Province, Regent of
Bener Meriah Province of Aceh, Mayor of Sabang Province of Aceh, Regional
Secretary of Central Sulawesi Province Drs.Moh Hidayat and Assistant I for
Government Affairs, Kesra Palu City representing Mayor of Palu.

Muat Lebih

With a budget of Rp.3.3 billion which is
contributed by the community and the government of Aceh Darusallam (NAD)
Nangro, Jami Mosque ’Nurul Hasanah Aceh, the new name of this mosque was built
with a design or a blend of Tambi and Aceh traditional house architecture.

According to the mosque development consultant Dr.
Ing. Widyo Wijadnoko’s structure is made to resemble two proportions which
become one into one large building, and the building structure made in foreign
terms is paraboloid hypernolid or the pipe structure was made for the first
time in Indonesia.

“We only use a one-layer structure with
straight rods that form a curved structure in the middle. With the structure of
a building like this we hope to become a religious tourism object and become a
blessing for the surrounding environment, “said this ITB architecture

This 20 × 20 square meter mosque building is
estimated to accommodate 420 worshipers.

Acting Governor of Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah
targets this mosque to be completed before Ramadan next year (2020) and can be
utilized by the community in the month of Ramadan.

“This mosque will later use selected wood in
Central Sulawesi. Choosing wood because it is considered to be more earthquake
resistant and has been recommended by experts or architects, “said Nova

Central Sulawesi and Aceh, said Nova Iriansyah,
are located in disaster-prone areas or better known as ring of fire. However,
there is no need to be traumatized by this condition, on the contrary, it must
react in a wise manner through increasing knowledge in the field of disaster,
broadening our horizons about disaster mitigation.

“Thus, we know how to effectively respond to
disasters, mitigate them so that the effects of losses from such disasters can
be minimized,” he explained.

Secretary of Central Sulawesi Province Hidayat
Lamakarate expressed his respect and gratitude from the Governor of Central
Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola.

“Hopefully with this assistance, it will
further accelerate the revival of the community in the affected areas.
“Also more diligent in worshiping in the mosque,” said Hidayat

The laying of the first stone was also attended by
elements of the Palu City City Government Forkompimda and several Central
Sulawesi provincial government officials, among others, the Central Sulawesi
Head of Social Affairs, Central Sulawesi Public Relations & Protocol, the
delegation from Aceh Province, traditional leaders, religious leaders, and
local leaders and other people who enthusiastic want to see the laying of the
first stone.**

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