Flash Flood, 670 families evacuated!

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Reportase: Ikhsan Madjido

 FLASH Flood accompanied by mud which hit a number of
villages in Sigi Regency, resulting in at least 670 families being forced to

Residents were evacuated due to mud floods that hoarded
and damaged their homes. Floods hit the residential area on Sunday (4/28)
night. Floods also not only carry mud. Large timber from inside the forest is
also brought into the settlements.

Data from various sources said that in Balongga
Village, 36 houses were damaged and 47 families were evacuated.

One of the worst points is in Bangga Village. A
total of 500 housing units were submerged in mud and logs. Around 551 kk or
2,259 people were evacuated to the nearest village.

While the neighboring village of Bangga, Walatana
was also affected by the flood and received 42kk of assistance.

In addition to South Dolo, floods also hit two
villages in Gumbasa Subdistrict, Omu, and Tuva and one in Kulawi District,
Salua Village.
In the village of Omu, 5 houses were lost to the
flood and 23 were submerged. In addition, there was a flood of destruction of
10 hectares of land and rice fields. Residents evacuate as many as 30 kk.

One loss of life in Tuva village, since Sunday

At present, these villages really need help.
Residents really need ready-to-eat food, the needs of babies and the elderly,
clean air, medical teams and tools to clean mud.

While the road connecting Palu, with Kulawi, Sigi
Regency was reported to have been totally broken by a flash flood in the early
morning Sunday.

A landslide point is found in the village of
Saluki, Gumbasa district. In addition, the road between Salua and Sidaunta
Villages was blocked by landslides.

Reported by Antara, a flash flood that hit Bangga
Village, South Dolo Subdistrict, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi, on Sunday
(28/4), resulted in thousands of people reportedly evacuating to higher ground,
while some residents’ houses were buried in mud to the roof.

As of Monday (29/4) morning, flash floods hit half
of Hamlet I, all of Hamlet II and part of Hamlet III, causing houses to be
buried by mud until they reached the roof.

“When the first flood was around seven
o’clock, the houses were only submerged by water to around calves
(adults),” said one resident, Sukardi, who was met at the disaster site.

He admitted that the most severe flash flood
accompanied by mud material and accompanied by roar occurred on Sunday night at
around 23.00.

“Fortunately before the flash floods to the
two residents had fled to the mountains to save themselves. If not many died
because of the high mud reached the roof of the house,” he said.

In fact, he continued, the night of the incident
the residents’ houses were completely invisible due to being covered with mud
which was carried away by the floods from the mountain slopes around Bangga
“Fortunately, the next morning it was
plasticized. At night when the incident happened, the house was covered in
mud,” he said.

A similar thing was expressed by Dakria, a
resident of Hamlet II who was the worst hamlet. Luckily he and his entire
family quickly saved themselves.
“We just need to get help from the government
because our houses are running out. They can’t live anymore,” he said with
tears in his eyes.

He hopes that assistance from the regional
government, the center and institutions or humanitarian foundations can be
received as soon as possible, considering that at this time residents can only
hope for a generous helping hand.

“Hopefully everyone will be safe and there
will be no casualties,” he said hopefully.

Until now various reinforcements from the police,
the TNI, the National SAR Agency (Basarnas) and the Regional Disaster
Management Agency (BPBD) of Sigi Regency and the Central Sulawesi Provincial
Government and volunteers continued to arrive.

They evacuated residents to higher ground, helped
save valuables and distributed logistical assistance in the form of food. **

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