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by: andono wibisono

SIMULTANEOUS Regional elections in eight regencies, one city and in Central
Sulawesi Province began to feel the atmosphere. Not only crowded in cyberspace
– social media, but the overt atmosphere has begun to be shown by the regent
candidates, mayors and even governor candidates for the period 2020-2025. Even
the momentum of Eid al-Fitr 1440 hijri since June 5, the atmosphere of the
elections began to be felt.

The scene of “the broad sense of local election” was seen
when it was estimated that three thousand residents of Palu, Donggala and
Parigi Moutong and Sigi District crowded into the house of Akhmad Ali (member
of the Indonesian Parliament from Nasdem) on June 8. Even Open House Akhmad Ali
and his wife Nilam Sari Lawira were publicly announced on social media. A number
of figures enlivened the event held on Jalan Swadaya Timur Palu. 

Lamakarate was also present at the event. Both of them were in front of the
photo media crew together. There was a message conveyed that the two were no
longer reluctant to become the upcoming 2020 local political conversation.

The same thing happened during the Open House at the residence of
Governor of Longki Djanggola, at Lebaran on the first day – 5 June 2019. A
number of community leaders, religious leaders, female leaders, youth filled
the house of the Central Sulawesi governor’s office for two periods. To the
attention of journalists, the arrival of the Secretary of the Provincial Office
Hidayat Lamakarate (HL) and the Central Sulawesi Democratic Chairperson, Anwar
Hafid (AH) in the rujab.

Both were very happy and even did not shyly begin to show intimacy in
front of the media crew. Even the photo session, HL and AH clenched hands.
‘’Regular photos of Lebaran hospitality. But it is not unusual because there
are a few more elections. The meeting was also coincidental at the Governor’s
house, ” said Secretary of the Democratic Party DPD, Abd Radjak BM Radjak, SH,
to Kaili Post at that place.

What about other regions? In North Morowali, the name of Dr. Delis
began to be mentioned as a candidate (balloon) for the Morut regent. Delis, a
former member of the Republic of Indonesia Regional Representative Council and
in the 2019 legislative election then became the Hanura candidate for Central
Sulawesi’s number one candidate but failed.

From Banggai District, a reporter Taufik Laumarang reported that a
number of Banggai Balonbups began to appear on Eid day. There is an open house,
friendship to community leaders, religious leaders and even other Eid al-Fitr
activities. For example, like Syamsul Bahri Mang (DPRD chairman), Herwin Yatim
(current regent) and other prospective candidates.

While in Palu City, in addition to incumbents Mayor of Hidayat held an
Open House, but a number of names mentioned would participate in the 2020
Pilwakot such as; Hadianto Rasyid also held a gathering at his residence.
Basier Tanase, even though his residence was crowded with residents who were in
friendly contact. Whereas Bartholomeus whose name was kept in the Pilgub and
Pilwakot also appeared several times his photos were installed on social media
spread out at the residence of community leaders and religious figures in

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