Robotics Untad Team Won 3rd Place

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reporter: Yohanes clemens

UNIVERSITY OF Tadulako (Untad) won third place at the National level Robotics
competition which was attended by 64 Universities in Indonesia.

Of course this is a matter of pride for Untad, because, this is the
first time, a national level achievement is achieved by Untad students in the
Robotic field of the Dance Robot category.

Thus, Untad Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir, Mahfudz, MP, Thursday (27/06/2019),
received a visit from the Untad Robotech Team who won 3rd place at the National
Level from the Indonesian Robot Contest Championship in the Indonesian Dance
Art Robot Contest Division (KRSTI) at 20 -23 June 2019 at Dian Nuswantoro

It is known, the Untad Robotics Team came from various faculties /
departments, such as I Made Rupawan, 2015 Electrical Engineering Department,
Venna Anadya Apryana, Department of Electrical Engineering 2016, Ikhwal Syukur,
Department of Electrical Engineering 2016, Mahendra Pratama Putra, Department of
Information Engineering 2017, Fadila, Department of Physics Education, FKIP
2015 and Dista Sari, Government Science Department, FISIP 2017.

“We really appreciate the achievement of the Robotech Untad team,
which has succeeded in achieving achievements in the field of Robotic Dance at
the National level, which was attended by 64 Universities throughout
Indonesia,” said Prof. Mahfudz, who was accompanied by Dr. Ir Sagaf, MP
Gosal SE, M, Si as Head of BAKP Bureau.

Prof Mahfudz explained that personally he is very proud of the
achievement of the Robotech Untad Team which succeeded in carving achievements
for Untad at the national level. Prof. Mahfudz admitted that have known the
track record of the robotic Untad team since he was still serving as Deputy Rector
for General and Financial Affairs before.

“This is exactly what we expect from students, innovative,
creative and accomplished individuals. I also really appreciate this team
because it comes from various departments / faculties, so that various sciences
can be used during the process of participating in the national level
selection. this can inspire other students to take part in the achievement,
“said Prof. Mahfudz.

Furthermore, representatives of the Untad Robotech Team said that this
achievement was a great achievement, considering that the robotic Untad team
had been established for 10 years, only this year it could reach 3rd place at
the National level from 64 Universities in Indonesia.

They also expressed their gratitude to Untad, who continued to support
the Robotic Untad team’s trip so far. They hope that support can continue to be
improved so that the innovations that are created will be better and maximized
going forward.

“As a Rector of Untad, gave my congratulations and prizes in the
form of cash assistance to the Untad Robotic team who have achieved national
level,” he concluded.**

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