Covid 19: A nurse at RSUD Poso has negative result of Corona

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Palu- A patient of positive result of Covid 19, a health worker at Poso Regional Hospital; today,   who declared cured of the Corona virus.

“Yes, today patient of Covid 19  treated in Poso Regional Hospital was declared cured,” said a spokesperson handling of Covid 19 in Central Sulawesi dr. Jumriani, Monday (05/11/2020) thought a via what sap.

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According to a spokesperson countermeasure of Covid 19 in Central Sulawesi, the medical personnel at RSUD Poso who was sent home with the initials NM (33) was female.

NM was declared cured, called by Jumriani, based on the results of swab PCR the first and the second has negative Covid 19.

With the healing of patients being treated in the isolation room at RSUD Poso, today the number of confirmed of patients in Poso District there are 5 people. Because based on the Pusdatina update in Central Sulawesi was of May 10 yesterday, the total number patients of Covid 19 in Bumi Sintuvu Maroso are 6 people.***

Reporter : Firmansyah Lawawi

Translater by Sarifasrah

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