Covid 19: Increased by one Total of Patients Under Surveillance in Undata Palu is 7 people

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Palu City,- To date of Patients Under Surveillance (PDP) is being treated isolasi rooms in RS Undata Palu, increased by one.

“yes today the increased by one of Patients Under Surveillance in the isolasi rooms being treated of Undata Palu. Come from in Palu City. The total of Patients Under Sureillance is 7 people.” Said Wadir about the service of RS Undata Palu, by dr Amsar Praja, on Thuersday, may (26 2020).

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While, the Patients confirmed of covid 19 amount is one person. The initial is IR manyfold  of femele. So the total of whole in quarantina rooms are being treated too much 8 people. Said by dr. Amsyar Praja.

According to Wadir the service in RS Undata Palu of Patients Under Surveillance increased by one (PDP) will be update today.

From the seven of Patients Under Surveillance this, six of them are femele. One of them is male. From in Poso district, the initial DM. The six of them are femele, from in Palu City, the initials DM, PW, LS, YL, KN and the last NJ.

“Today, the swab sample of Patients Under Surveillance (PDP) have been done.” Said Wadir by service of RS. Undata Palu. ***

Reporter : Firmansyah Lawawi

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