The confession of ex-covid 19 patient is not as scary as they said

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Mantan Pasien Covid-19 chesyani Tulak, Manda dan Karin/Ft: Alsih Marselina
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Palu city,- until now, many people who think that of Covid-19 disease is still as scary and deadly for most people. The patient’s former ex Covid-19 are said chesyani Tulak, Manda and Karin if this of covid-19 could be cured of infection. All three when met at the Kaili TV studio after the Talk Show program meeting on Tuesday (05/02/20).

This disease is not dangerous, as long as they have the confidence and determination, said cesy Chesyani tulak.

Cesy also when the first to know of covid 19 positiv she is depression, because before chesy had previously sent a What’s app to a lecturer and he told not to spread his identity because of exposure positive of Covid-19.

At that time he also advised the public, do not comment which made him so devastated. Because the Corona is not a scary, as long as you have healthy life.

“I was very depressed for the frits time, but it’s not for now. Even though if there someone who bullies, I just to make motivation for myself,” said cesy the eks of eks covid 19 patient’s.

For Karin and Manda are the different things because I still missed my mother until know who died of covid 19. They both still went to her mother’s grave.

Although for Karin and Manda this is very painful, it makes motivation to them so that the spirit in life although has mother’s passed away.
“Mom I miss you, said Karin mom you’ve calmed in there Karin Karin has lost her mother that she and manda loved so much. My mother is happily in heaven now. We will keep spirit” based on the patients former of ex covid 19 by Manda and Karin. ***

Reporter: Alsih Marselina

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