Dion is a Child was exiled in the Hut, now his Condition is improving

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Donggala, Dion is a child who is exiled live in a 2×2 meter because of leprosy and malnutrition in Ganti village Banawa Donggala District now his condition is improving.

This was stated the director of RSUD in Kabelota Donggala dr. Syahrial when he was a questioned on Wednesday Julu 29, 2020 yesterday in the office area of the Donggala Regent Office related to the condition of brother Dion.

“Alhamdulillah Dion’s current condition has changed a lot and improved, Since Monday yesterday dion has improved, no longer has a fever, his appetite has also improved and can already be invited to talk” said dr. Syahrial.

He is explaining, since the treated in the Hospital, Dios was treated there are three of specialist dokter, the first Child Specialist, skin and nutrition, it’s just that for the main physical condition, Dion’s leg has a contraception due to leprosy which attacks his nerves.
“The teams of doctors are focusing on the nerves, because Dion can’t walk, his legs have contraception due to leprosy in his suffering” he explained.

Dr. Syahriar added that for the next few weeks it will also monitor Dion’s nutritional development and ask her families or anyone who wants to visit Dion to pay attention to health protocols.

“Dion uncertainly when he can get out of hospital, we will also do nutrition of therapy to Dion and most important to know that leprosy was spread through direct contact, can be through breathing or touching.”

So, I asked the hospital staff to open the window of the room and I hoped to her family and I hoped for the family or who want to visit wear a mask. ***

Reporter : Syamsir Hasan

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