Incumbent (Petahana) could be sentenced to death

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Central Sulawesi, on December, 09, 2020 later in the elections simultaneously there are several regional heads to try out the second period. Or commonly is calling incumbent. Because, Incumbent (Tahana). Means position, glory in politics. They have much different from who have just nominated. Just say it new entry, in the music arena.

This petahana this incumbent in the regional elections later in Central Sulawesi that is in Palu City, Sigi District, Banggai District, Poso District, Touna, Balut and also Morut. They are supposed to be supervised in the practice of conducting government, development and society.

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Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on 12 last July was reported very firm message sent from the building that became the scourge of the official does not play around. The death penalty waits if it’s proven to abuse the power is corrupting of Covid’s budget 19.

According to the interfaith commission, Covid 19 budget has been submitted in a number of districts / cities and provinces. There are several large budget regions along with the head petahana of regional. And also there is a small budged of covid, because the head of regional head has two periods. Corruption eradication commission analysts are very helpful to the watchdog, electoral or Bawaslu. NGO Elections and the press to participate together oversee the honest and fair elections.

Besides of Covid funds, social assistances are using the regional budget, other assistance has attached to vertical agencies such as PKH, KUBE, farmer groups, and fishermen, main thoughts, board members, and others. All of that is a vulnerability to abuse. And who can do that in the bureaucracy is incumbent. ***

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