Teen’s of Parigi Arrest For Blasphemy, Named as Suspect

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reporter/translete       : fharadiba/jesicaporogai
AFTER Around two weeks,
Parmout Police Department secured a teen villager from Sigega Village, Tinombo
sub district allegedly committing blasphemy, finally named as a suspect in this
case. It was revealed by Parmout Criminal Police Inspector,  Felix A
Saudale who was encountered by a number of reporters in his office, Thursday
He said, in
handling the case, the team conducted an investigation in early February
yesterday through interviews with multiple witnesses and request experts
information, including scholars of religion, language and criminal law and the
Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE), to clarify the allegations of
the crime.
According to him,
after the case openly attended by several leaders, it was decided the case of
alleged blasphemy is sufficient and appropriate to elevated its status into a
stage of the investigation based on warrant investigation No: SP-Sidik / 06 /
II / 2017 / Reskrim, dated 20 February 2017.
“The current status of case solving has
been raised to the stage of the investigation, in accordance with the results
of investigations that have been done, “he said.
Other than that, he
said, according to the teenager with initial AI allegedly committing blasphemy
through his personal Facebook account, named as a suspect and was held at the
House of Detention of Parmout Police, corresponded to arrest warrants No:
SP-Han / 03 / II / 2017 / Reskrim.
Furthermore, the
team will conduct the examination of witnesses and request experts information
in connection with the case. Then, if the documents and case files have been
declared complete, they will immediately assign the case to the prosecutor for
“If previously
the teenager AI was only secured to anticipate the turmoil that is likely to
occur at the time, now has been arrested as a suspect,” he explained.
Acts committed by
suspects he added, the concerned is charged with some of articles such as:
article 156a of the Criminal Code Sub Article 156 and Article 45 paragraph (2)
JO, article 28 paragraph (2) constitution of Republic of Indonesia No.19 of
2016 on ITE, with the threat of six years in prison or a maximum fine of Rp 1
Previously reported
Parmout Police Department was known to have secured one of the teenagers
initials AI (18), which is suspected of abusing religion to use their personal

Based on
information obtained from the police, AI is from Sigega Village, sub-district
of South Tinombo, district Parmout. In his personal Facebook account few days
ago, AI was posting a status and commenting on the content of the scriptures of
one religion. On top of that, it was also commented approximately by 97 owners
of other Facebook accounts.
But later, when the
media is looking for a Facebook account belongs to AI, the status of the
alleged blasphemy was no longer existed in his personal account. Allegedly, the
status was removed by him.

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