Three Regional Central Sulawesi the Pilkada 2018

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Election Commission Regional (KPUD) Central Sulawesi province said the two
regions in the territory has been ready to hold elections the (election) in the
year 2018, the two regions such as the Donggala, Morowali Regency while Parigi
Muoutong (Parmout).
Commissioner Devisi Teknis, Syamsul Gafur, the two regions will vote on the
stairs 22-23 in February 2018.
For example, the preparation of elections Parmout the time to accelerate,
with the implementation of the stages of preparing the budget.
” 2018 future of three of which will be ready to hold election in the
area each, namely Donggala, Morowali, and Parigi Moutong, ” said Syamsul,
on Tuesday (21/02).
In the coming regional election later , KPUD, was limited to monitoring and
monitoring the preparation of the steps undertaken by KPUD District.

” The KPUD, in the implementation of the elections simultaneously in
three districts to monitoring and monitoring, ” he said.
Previously, he said in 2015 plainly at least seven District and one of the
City had been carrying out the local elections simultaneously the city of Palu,
Sigi, Tolitoli, Poso, Banggai, Tojo Una-una regency and Morowali Regency.
Meanwhile, this year following the two of the Banggai the (Balut) and Buol.

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