6 benefits of betel leaf

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EFFICACY of betel leaf has been used since ancient times to the present, then no need to doubt the efficacy of betel leaf is able to overcome the problem of femininity because in betel leaves contain compounds that are very good for the female organs such as essential oils and other oils. Additionally, betel leaves can also be used for cleaning the female organs because it contains natural antiseptic compounds, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that kill germs and bacteria that cause vaginal discharge and also eliminate odors on your female organs.


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The anti fungal in betel leaf has benefits for cleaning harmful fungi, it is also capable of removing microbes that can damage the area around the vagina. Use the betel leaf decoction to clean your female organs, how that is: prepare 10 pieces of betel leaf, and then rinse thoroughly.

After that, betel leaves boiled in a pot with the use of 500 ml of water to boil. Then use the cooking water to wash your vaginal area. Do this regularly every morning and night to eradicate the cause of vaginal discharge.


Betel leaves are also able to tighten the vagina and make the vagina become stronger. Boiled water betel leaves can be applied to all parts around the vagina, can also be used by women who have recently given birth.


If you have problems with a bad odor in your vagina, then you can use boiled water of betel leaves as the best solution. To use it you just have to drink or use boiled water betel leaves to wash your vaginal area with betel leaves regularly for 2 times a day. It must be overcome because it can characterize abnormal vaginal discharge in women.


The overload of Whitish fluid can interfere with the activity and comfort you included in your relationship with your partner. Use and regularly drink boiled water betel leaves until you improve vaginal discharge in women. Betel leaves are one of the best solutions to overcome vaginal discharge in women.


Do you have a itching problem in the vaginal area? Of course it would be very disturbing for your daily activities. Itching in the vaginal area due to the presence of bacteria, fungi, because it was dirty and too humid. Well, apart from being used for how to fix whitish, betel leaves are also able to overcome the problem of itching in the vaginal area and cause of vaginal discharge. You should always keep the area clean by washing that organ using boiled water betel leaves.


In addition to experience an itching in the vaginal area, you also may have excess mucus or vaginal discharge in women in the area of your female organs. Take care with the use of betel leaf, tannin content in betel leaves can reduce excessive mucus that occurs in the area of the vagina which is one of the characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge. Overcome this problem by using a betel leaf decoction regularly once a day to make your sex organs more manicured.

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