Cases of Malnutrition in Central Sulawesi is Still High

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ilustrasi Anak dengan Malnutrisi/ft: Ist

Reporter: Yuni Ridwan

CASES of malnutrition that occurred in Central Sulawesi (Central) is still fairly high and alarming. So far, the malnutrition in almost all regions, but prominent beada in Donggala, Sigi, Banggai Islands and Parigi Moutong. The high number of cases of malnutrition in the Moutong the Parmout is not directly proportional to the government policy areas that tend to not synergy among agencies with each other relevant agencies in the handling of malnutrition.

“Central Sulawesi, including one of the territories of the vulnerable. Even into the top five of malnutrition in Indonesia,” said Head of Nutrition of the Department of Health (Health) of Central Sulawesi, kurniawati, on Tuesday (28/2).

He said, 2011 plainly cases of malnutrition of Central Sulawesi reached 538 cases. The amount was, he said, is not expected to change for the year 2012. According to him, the handling and recovery of malnutrition for children under five takes a long time to five years.  “The data referring to the basic health in 2011-2012, ” said, kurniawati.

Special city of Palu said he, the case of malnutrition are not so much as there are several Regency.

“Unless the city of Palu, the case is not so much. The case, but from outside the region that happen to come to Palu,” he said.

It’s the case of malnutrition have to admit that Kuriawati, in causing still there are certain areas that have not been that it is not recorded the maximum rise in rates of malnutrition, it is known after the disasters that occurred in some of the in Central Sulawesi. In addition, he said, the average case of malnutrition caused by economic factors and lifestyle unhealthy.

“Cases of malnutrition do not stand alone, but the education, culture, environment and industrialization of food in effect. Nutrition in touch with food and the surrounding environment. of State for example, does not have protection on instant food,” he concluded. ***

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