No awareness of Clean Environment to Palu Citizens

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GALI GASA MOVEMENT  as an instruction from  the Mayor since last February continues intense socialized. Movement named 3G by the mayor was not up to the below level. Lots of Palu residents haven’t been conscious yet to the deep of their hearts in realizing the importance of hygiene and environmental health hazard when surrounded of dirtiness.

A number of trash dots in the streets is still being the squalid and dirty scenery. Yesterday (05/03) the scene seemed to be at a strategic point locations, or so-called main street. For example; In the picture appears Emy Saelan Street – right in front of  Tatura Mall Palu. Piles of residents’ garbage spill onto the highway until around 11:50 am.

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Still on the same street, in front of 711 Battalion- exactly next to Pundi Bank, Purnawirawan Street. Everyday a pile of mounting garbage began plentiful from the night till daylight. Likewise at the intersection of Palu Plaza. The scenery was slovenly and everyday we run into the locations near by Religious Region Monument.

In the social media, namely facebook, when a pile of garbage posted, that invites many negative reactions. Many comments were pitched emotionally and gave negative opinions about the clean consciousness of urban citizens. The picture above, since the afternoon posted by Kaili Post gained 66 comments and for the picture, reached 76 people. Generally, they shouted on deploring the attitude of citizens who have not been aware of hygiene, the slow of trash transporation to the proposals for cracking down firmly by the authorities.






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