ASN of Province Secretary Officially Used Epaulet and Rank

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CIVIL servants in the Secretariat of the Central Sulawesi Province appear ‘manly’ after Governor Longki Djanggola officially impose the use of ASN epaulet and rank began at April 2017.

Coinciding with the flag ceremony on Monday (3/4), in the secretary’s office, the Governor Longki Djanggola pinned epaulets and rank to the Assistant of Economy, Development and Welfare, Dr. Elim Somba represented pratama high official and then proceed to the administrators and supervisory authorities.

According to the governor, the use of ASN epaulets and rank is not intended merely for a show but to maintain discipline within the regional secretariat of civil servants. “Because wearing epaulets and rank, you would be embarrassed to roam in the markets, in malls and places undue during working hours,” he said.

Furthermore, governor said that if there is a leader who strictly enforce the rules does not mean that he is cruel to his subordinates, but solely to discipline staff to be excellent performance and service to the community.

The sidelines of his speech, the governor also reminded that the formulation of earning additional benefits of provincial civil servants this year is different from previous years because it combines elements of performance assessment (performance) and discipline. “So that the employee must report what they are doing every day and then evaluated their superiors,” he said. “That way, (allowance) received for civil servants who do not work will be different with the employees who earnestly work,” said Governor Longki added. **

Source: Public Relation of Province Government/jesica porogoi

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