Three Junior High School Students Secured by Polices

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Blooms with ‘Ngelem Fox’

PARIGI,- THREE Students of junior high school in three different schools in Parigi City, Parigi Moutong District (Parmout) was secured by police because they were found to do ‘Ngelem Fox’. Thus disclosed by the head of Parigi police, Iptu Muslimin to Kaili Post in his office on Monday (28/8).

Muslimin said, to the three unnamed junior high school students were secured his side when was busy to do ngelem fox in crowded place at night around 23:00 pm. Then, the three junior high school students were immediately taken to the police center of Parigi to be given coaching.

According to the information by the three students, they admitted often ‘ngelem fox’ together. In fact, two students of whom are brothers who came from one village in the District of West Parigi. “We only provide coaching to the three junior high school students in order to provide a bright effect,” he said.

He added, in addition to providing coaching, they also called parents and teachers. The three junior high school students are said to be asked to make statements witnessed by parents and teachers. The reason, based on the instructions of Parmout Police Chief, to suppress the high students who often ‘ngelem fox’ must be known parents and the school.

That way, the school can also provide space for the Police to provide counseling about the dangers of ‘ngelem fox’.

“The parents of the students wanted their children to be put on hold for a week, but we rejected as there is no law governing the problem by coaching and making statements witnessed by his parents. We hope the school could give space to the Police to give counseling to the students, “he said. **

Reporter / Bureau Of Parmout: Roy Lasakka

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