TTG Preparation has Reached 80 Percent

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PARMOUT,- A DAY TO GO Before the peak of Teknologi Tepat Guna (TTG) event on September 27th, Regent of Parigi Moutong, H. Samsurizal Tombolotutu admitted that the preparation of TTG to be attended by President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has reached 80 percent. It was expressed to the media when met at the Sail Tomini location, Kayu Bura village, Thursday (14/9).

According to the Regent, as the host of event, his party is only left to complete some other preparations, such as tent activities, and some other facilities on the way to finish. “Especially for the main tent of our target on 20 September has been already completed on installation, which left only the installation of decoration,” said the Regent.

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Meanwhile, the preparation for invited guests’ accommodation, his party claimed to still be waiting for reports from several committees that have been appointed to handle it. Related, the presidential house located at the Sail Tomini location will be intended for guests from the ministry. “This presidential residence has eight governors who have lobbied for me to be facilitated in this place, but they cannot be given certainty because of the fact that some ministries have to be given the main facilities,” he explained.

What is clear is the Regent, the certainty of the facility to stay for all invited guests is likely to be on next week there will be additional information. In addition, to provide the guests facilities who will be present at the TTG Event, there are interesting things also provided by Regent of Parmout, such as hundreds of culinary tents for residents who want to sell culinary at Sail Tomini site.

Because he said, obviously with the culinary that is prepared at the site, will make it easier for guests to get a place to eat and do not have much far. “What else are thousands of guests who will come to Sail Tomini site, so this is an opportunity for people to sell,” he said.

Therefore, they hoped the participation of Parmout District communities together to succeed TTG event that will be carried out soon. “Let us provide the best hospitality for the guests who come, so that activities can run smoothly,” he concluded.**

Transleter/Reporter: Jesica Porogoi/Fharadiba

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