Villagers Complaints the Roadwork PUPRP Will Handle That!

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Parigi Moutong,- PUBLIC Works Department, Spatial Planning and Land Affairs (PUPRP) Parigi Moutong District (Parmout) will conduct handling related complaints of Kampal residents located in the coastal area of Tanjung, who want a road repair. Thus, expressed by the Head of PUPRP Office of Parmout Regency, Zulfinasran when contacted Kaili Post, Sunday (3/9).

Zulfinasran said, in principle, the PUPRP Office of Parmout Regency that he leads will still respond to and handle resident complaints related to road improvements. It’s just that residents are asked to be patient and understand the condition of the PUPRP Agency it leads.

The reason, at this time PUPRP Office of Parmout Regency is still doing road improvements in Parigi City which is also a residents’ complaint. Among other things he said, namely to repair the water channel in a place that is not far from the Kampal Village Office.

Not only that, it is also doing the improvement of residential areas of water-degraded residents in Kampal and Bantaya. In fact, due to the current weather conditions, almost all areas in Parmout District complain, either road improvements to normalization of rivers and residential areas inundated with water.

“The condition is almost simultaneously happening in all areas in Parmout District and all of them want to be handled as soon as possible,” he said. “We are working on improvements in other areas,” he said.

According to him, the actions of residents who planted banana trees on the road body that is desired to be repaired as a form of annoyance should not be done. The reason, it can actually cause other impacts such as disrupting the activities of motorists.

Pending the handling that will be done his side said he, residents in the region can take anticipatory steps such as making a water channel that flooded the road. “Our hope is that residents will be able to anticipate the beginning, and we will handle the residents’ complaints about the road conditions, but we hope that people can be patient,” he explained. **

Reporter / Bureau Of Parmout: Roy Lasakka

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