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SULTENG,- THE GOVERNOR Is represented by Local Secretary, Mohammad Hidayat Lamakarate opened the Five Year Reflection on the Presence of the Central Sulawesi Information Commission and the Commemoration of World Right Public Disclosure Day (28/09/2017) at Polibu Office of the Governor’s Office.

On the occasion, the Chairman of the Central Sulawesi Information Commission, H. Abbas A. Rahim, SH, MED, said that the term of Commissioner Information Commission will end. So it is necessary to convey what has been done related to task, principal, and function in accordance with Law Number 14 Year 2008 and the rules of implementation, so that said Chairman of KI Sulawesi is conveying the purpose of the implementation of the 5-year Reflection Activities. The presence of Central Sulawesi’s KI is the first to reflect Public Information Transparency in General and convey the progress performance of Central Sulawesi’s KI at first period during the periodization and also conducted a positive evaluation of performance improvement of Central Sulawesi’s KI next period.

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Furthermore, Head of Communications, Informatics and Statistics of Central Sulawesi, Moh, Nizam convey that currently there are still many OPD that has not understood the function and benefits of public information disclosure so that there are still many parties who need information has not been served well especially from information services to journalists, so that according to the direction and expectations of the Governor to me explained by the department head, so always be given the defense to the OPD in order to establish good communication with journalists, especially in accordance with Law number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure, that on each of PPO has been formed the PPIDP and duties and Functions by the Bureau of Public Relations and Protocol has made socialization and workshop but until the current expectation on the realization of public information disclosure is not in accordance with the expected for the future is expected to all OPD Province of Central Sulawesi in order to improve information services to the community in accordance with what is needed by the community through PPIDP.

Furthermore, the Governor conveyed that according to the Law on Public Information, local government always encourages the OPD to keep improving the best information service to the public. But now there are still obstacles in each OPD, because they have not understood which information can be given and which information cannot be given. So as if all the information in the OPD closed.

Governor asserted to all head of OPD to immediately reformulate information data owned by OPD in accordance with information classification in order to facilitate information service to public. ” In the future it is expected that there will be no more information dispute if there is an information applicant not well served by OPD report to me, at that time I invite OPD to provide the information as long as the information is in accordance with the rules open to the public, ” said the governor. **

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