Tour de Central Celebes (TDCC) ROUTE IN POSO Governor Emphasizes Sharp Tackling Security

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POSO,- THE Visit of Governor of Central Sulawesi, Drs. Longki Djanggola, M.Si to Poso was recently associated with the implementation of the Tour de Central Celebes (TDCC), which is scheduled to take place from November 6-8, 2017. In a series of visits to several locations, Governor Longki instructed some things that still need to be addressed, namely the sharp bend axis Tentena-Poso-Parigi, including the entrance of the Tentena platform which will be the finished point of the Ampana-Tentena route racer.

Nevertheless, Longki said, he was happy after reviewing the preparation of local committee in Poso District, coordinated directly by Poso Regent, Darmin Agustinus Sigilipu. “Yes we are optimistic, this just needs to polish a few points, including refine some streets to give comfort to the drivers, even though the road is a trans-Sulawesi road, yet for the success of this international activity, we are fixing and improving, some sharp turns are checked for its security “, Longki said in front of a number of terrace officials of Poso Regency.

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During the visit, Governor Longki Djanggola was accompanied by Poso Secretary, Drs. Joksan Lakukua, Chief of Poso Police, AKPB Bogoek Sugyarto. SH. SIK, as well as a number of Head of Regional Organization (OPD) related, among others, there were Head of PUPR, DR. H. Faidul Keteng. MT. Msi, Head of Bapelitbangda, Ir. Suratno. Msi, Head of Health Dr. Typhoon Karwur, Head of Local Revenue, Atmajaya Mardjun Area. S. Sos. MM, and Government Assistant, Ari Pamungkas. SH. MH.

Before continuing the review of TdCC route to Parigi Moutong district, Governor Longki did not forget to give appreciation to Poso Regency, private parties, and all elements of society in shoulder to prepare the event. Kaili Post observation yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, 25/10/2017, some road segments in the city of Poso immediately fixed, by switching the flow of vehicles for a while, using heavy equipment vehicles, including spur the city park development in the Smaker roundabout, Kasintuwu urban village, North Poso City.

Reporter / Editor : Darwis Waru

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