Intend Seawater Therapy, Tipped Death

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PALU,- AN OLD Man found drowned in the seashore of  Kampung Nelayan beach on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017. The information of the witness in the location of the incident told that in around 07.00 o’clock in Kampung Nelayan beach Kelurahan Talise East Palu district, there was an incident that a man drowned suspected of having a heart attack while immersed in seawater.

The incident began from the victim ride by his son to Kampung Nelayan beach to have bathing seawater therapy, then his son went to fill his motorcycle gasoline, and his son advised not to bathe in a deep place. Then, in around 06.40 the victim bathe and suddenly has a heart attack, resulting in the victim drowning.

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The witness gave the first aid to the victim and then taken to the hospital of RSUD Undata. In the hospital, the doctor gave a medical treatment, but unfortunately, the victim cannot be saved. The police from the Polsek of east Palu went to the crime scene (TKP), taken a VER from Undata and collecting information needed that related to this incident.

The head police of Palu, AKBP Mujianto, S.I.K explains that for this moment, the victim drowned incident is suspected of heart attacking while bathing in the sea. Nevertheless, the police are in the investigation this incident. He also appealed to all levels of society to be more vigilant when swimming or in the area of the beach, given the currents and beach waves are quite hard nowadays.**

Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido

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