Regent’s Name is Polluted: Will be Imposed Immediately

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PARMOUT,- THE HEAD Of the Resort Police of Parmout Regency, Sirajuddin Ramli confirmed the defamation case of the Regent of Parmout, Samsurizal Tombolotutu who dragged Sukri Hi Cakunu as a suspect in the near future that his case file will soon be transferred to the Parmout Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“In the near future the file will soon be transferred to the General Attorney Office, all of them have fulfilled two sufficient proof of equipment, now we just finished the unfinished course,” said Police Chief, Sirajuddin Ramli, who met a number of media in his work room on Thursday (21 / 12).

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Head of Police, Sirajuddin said, one of the two evidences that set Sukri Tjakunu as a suspect that is, leaflets found in the Parigi Market by the head of the market , Zakir then Zakir brothers brought them  to the Police Station as a material report of the case.

However, based on the results of reports received, the police chief Sirajuddin revealed that the reporter in this case is not Samsurizal Tombolotutu as the victim, but the market leader Parigi, Zakir who also examined as a witness.

“As for the correlation, the witness who reported the case was not a victim, at that time the victim Samsurizal tombolotutu told the head of the market to report the leaflet case that he considered harming,” he explained. So actually the word Kapolres, the head of the market in this case as a rapport is to follow up or represent the interests of Samsurizal. And it is impossible for the market leader to be brave to report if they do not accept Samsurizal’s orders.

He added that although not as a reporter, but as a victim, the Regent of Samsurizal has been investigated by BAP as a victim and as a witness. “Samsurizal Regent’s examination for the BAP is only done once, but it is sufficient in the development of the cases it handles,” Sirajuddin said.

As for the determination of the suspect later in December, it was because he was waiting for the Regent of Samsurizal to be questioned as a witness. Due to the busy schedule of Regent Samsurizal, so that his side must wait for the empty schedule of the concerned. “So, there is no intention of buying time to delegate this case from the witness to a suspect, this is only constrained reins time,” he said.**

Reporter/Bureau Of Parmout : Fharadiba

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