Sigi Regency to Put More Attention Over Langaleso Village

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PALU,- DPRD MEMBER of Central Sulawesi,  Masykur hopes to Local Government of Sigi Government and Central Sulawesi Provinces to give special attention to the people in Langaleso Village, Dolo District. This village is known as one of the largest suppliers of female workers (TKW) in Central Sulawesi. The reason is an availability of new hope for the citizens in building business opportunities to meet the needs of households. In addition to being a migrant worker abroad. The reason, almost all the women of Langaleso Village make overseas employment opportunities as the main thing. So do not be surprised if many of them who try to fate out into TKW.

“Some have succeeded but many of them have experienced the sorrow and bitterness of working as migrant workers, the most sad that they have to fight the lives of non-violent and inhumane behavior at work, and some even claimed lives, died in Saudi Arabia, he explained. The story of the maids was revealed in a meeting held by Muh. Masykur at Baruga Meeting of Langaleso Village on Thursday (7/12/2017) ago. The recess meeting, mostly attended by the mother of the former TKW, hopes that the local government will give attention and support to them. Because, if not then the outflow of residents into TKW will be unstoppable.

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This is revealed by Tati, a former TKW in Saudi Arabia. He and along with hundreds of other women hope there is government attention. Because the problem is in the field of work, local governments are asked to facilitate the opening of employment for them, ask Tati. We are building a business group of farms and party supplies. In addition, there are still many fields and gardens owned by residents here who need the support of agricultural tools to facilitate our processing. We are sure if there is support from government then citizens are not easy to go abroad looking for work, “please Tati.

He further confirms to the citizens to please take advantage of the potential and resources owned. The key is our passion and hope to change. If this spirit and hope awakens, I’m sure the local government will not turn a blind eye. The important thing to be submitted to all related parties must be replied, he said.

“Insha’Allah let us all be together and encourage good initiative like this. Starting something good for our neighbor is far more noble.We want the potential of our area to be managed, utilized and developed according to the ability of the region, so that the hope of the citizens can rise again and we no longer allow the state of ignorance and witness the citizens themselves fighting live in the country without any guarantees of protection, “closing the conversation.**

Reporter : Firmansyah

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