Sukri Officially Reports The Regent

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Reporter : Iksan Toili

PARMOUT,- SUKRI Hi Cakunu, yesterday (21/12/2017) officially reported the Regent of Parigi Moutong Samsurizal Tombolotutu to Central Sulawesi Police. The report was written in accordance with STTLP / 448 / XII / 2017 / SKPT in the report, Sukri to Kaili Post in the editorial overnight reported the crime of giving false statements of the regent.

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” What I report is not the diploma and certificate of SD, SMP and STM. But the false information of the birth year of Samsurizal Tombolotutu as a regent, ” he explained. He admitted satisfied after exposing in the investigator BAP. He was examined from 11:00 to 17:15 pm in Reskrimun Local Police room.

According to him, the Police had previously been aware of the video postings in social media that revealed the false information related to the Regent of Samsurizal which he suspected. ” If I just stick paste pamphlets so suspects, what the fake and false information to be and the officials do not want to be punished? ‘,’ ‘He said in a questioned tone.

Sukri mentioned, in the BAP yesterday he was asked by investigators about 20 questions. ” All I spelled out. I’m satisfied. Because all thoroughly I submit, ” he explained. Meanwhile, when confirmed with Regent Samsurizal Tombolotutu, there was not an answer through short message and editorial phone until this news was revealed.

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