Arif Latjuba: Law Enforcement Trade Regulation

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Reportase : Ikhsan Madjido


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KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG -CENTRAL Sulawesi Industry and Trade Office as the leading sector continues to socialize law enforcement of trade regulations and supervision of goods and services.

Law enforcement of trade regulations, supervision of goods and services is considered important to be socialized so as to get a good solution for the apparatus, business actors, and consumers in Central Sulawesi. Especially with the enactment of ASEAN free trade brings impact with the increasing variety of goods and services circulating in the domestic market, especially in this area.

Head of Central Sulawesi Provincial Industry Office, Muh. Arif Latjuba, SE., M.Sc., said that through the socialization of trade regulations, supervision of circulating goods and services are expected to provide the best, especially for consumers. “I expect, first is that this result should be all understood, understood and also the most core is the traders, business service actors know the goods traded and convince the consumer that the goods are safe goods, and convenient to use and accountable,” he said.


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