January, The Honor Increases to Rp2 million/Person

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Source : PGRI of Central Sulawesi
KAILIPOST.COM,- MOROWALI- THE GOVERNMENT Of Morowali District of Central Sulawesi should be appreciated. In addition to this has been providing free education, also since January 2018 will provide salaries of honorary teachers ranging from Rp2 – 2.5 million / person.
It was revealed on (06/01/2018) when the meeting was attended by Morowali Regent, Anwar Hafid, Head of Department for Region IV Central Sulawesi, Head of Dikda Department, Head of Inspectorate of Morowali Regency, discussed about the assistance of Regency Government to SMA / SMK/MA.
In addition, Regent Anwar asserted since January 2018 Morowali Regency will pay the salary of each teacher honor Rp2.000.000 and for the archipelago 2,500,000 / month in all teachers honorarium in schools including secondary education.** 

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