Reduce Mother and Infant Mortality Rate

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Kaili Based Treatment  

Reporter : Iksan Madjido


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KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- KAILI’S Cultural complementary midwifery treatment program is expected to help mothers and children in Palu City in order to perform various preparations during pregnancy and during childbirth, and have information and provision of good health. “Therefore, Poltekkes’ students of Midwifery Department can develop and study Kaili’s culture related to mother and baby handling, so that this program can reduce maternal and infant mortality,” said Asri, Palu City Secretary, when launching Kaili’s culture-based treatment complementary midwifery program, in Polytechnic Health (Poltekkes) Kemenkes Palu, Thursday (4/1).

According to Asri, this program is considered quite well received by the community, especially those who far from urban areas, involving elements of culture in them, among others related to the use of drugs and a number of herbs that are the application of the Kaili’s tribe culture.

Meanwhile, Nasrul, SKM., M. Kes, Director of Poltekkes Kemenkes Palu added by involving cultural elements in the treatment program complementary midwifery other than as an effort to receive this program for people living in the area, this way is an effort to introduce students as prospective midwife , that today there are still applications of culture, especially the Kaili tribe that if excavated to the maximum can be incorporated in the science of modern midwifery.


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