25,750 Thousand Voters Are Not Registered Yet

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KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- AT LEAST 25,750 thousand voters are not registered in the General Election Commission DPS data. While the number of residents of Donggala District are 293,470 inhabitants, the temporary voters list (DPS) in the Donggala Election Commission of Donggala Regency are only 199,000 thousand inhabitants.

The Secretary of DPC PPP of Donggala District, Fakruddin Marzuki is pessimistic about the number of people who have not been recorded by ID card and this will threaten the number of golput in Pilkada and Pileg.

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He doubts that this is difficult to meet if the village voter registration committee (PPDP) is not synchronized with upmen dukcapil and conducts verification of population data entered into the population data system of Donggala District. ” I hope these institutions  should synergize and pick up the ball in the data collection of citizens who do not have an electronic ID card, “he said.

This is the focus of the regional councils of Donggala district, especially the first commission that is less alert in facilitating the two institutions, namely General Election Commission and Dukcapil to resolve the voters list. “This is the task of DPRD to facilitate between these two institutions to find solutions of the data of the voters,” he said.

Said DPRD members of Donggala, Ikbal Kono, indicating the alleged fraud when regional election related tens of thousands of data of unrecorded population in Simduk Dukcapil. ” The potential is there if two institutions both General Election Commission and Dis Dukcapil not immediately take steps to finish that, “he said.

The assumption, he continued, on making temporary certificate, potentially manipulated and the opportunity for entry of exodus population in the voters list.

“Fraud is very potential in doing additional validation if true 25 thousand more data population that has not been recorded in registration in dukcapil,” he concluded.**


Reporter/Donggala: Zubair

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