KPU Comes to SABAR Candidate Pair Headquarter

Reporter : Fharadiba
KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- BASED On the Parmout District General Election Commission (KPU) schedule of visits to all candidates on Thursday (15/3) yesterday, General Election Commision of Parmout made the first visit to meet the number 1 pair Samsurizal Tombolotutu/Badrun Nggai (SABAR) at the their headquarter. 
The visit was attended by Head of General Election Commission, Amelia Idris and other commissioners, Election Supervisory Commitee, Police Chief of Parigi Moutong, Sirajuddin Ramly and the winning team of SABAR. “This visit aims to equate perceptions related to the stages of the election of regents and vice regents, especially regarding the stages of the campaign,” said Amelia Idris during a dialogue with candidate number 1, SABAR.
Amelia explained that based on the result of General Election Commission plenary meeting, it visited all candidate pairs to evaluate the limited meeting campaign conducted by each candidate pair who had been walking for one month. During the visit, the General Election Commission also confirmed whether this limited and face-to-face meeting schedule was aligned with each candidate pair.
In addition to discussing the schedule, the General Election Commission requested that each team of candidate pairs always be in the corridor of the provisions of legislation in every campaign activity. “We hope that all teams and volunteers of each candidate pairs are always submissive with the KPU’s regulation on the campaign which the restrictions I think we already know together,” said Amelia.
He further explained that so far the KPU has facilitated the materials and campaign props (APK) for each candidate pair, and currently the materials and APK have been distributed.
“We, KPU as technical organizers have scheduled every month scheduled visits to all candidate pairs, evaluate in relation to the stages of the campaign that has been done each candidate pair,” said Amelia.
While the pair number 1, Samsurizal stated that it welcomes the visit of the KPU who had visited each candidate pair. “I think this agenda is important because we can share anything that becomes an obstacle in the field,” said Samsurizal.**  
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