Pattatope Resign, Prefer to be an Academician

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Source / Editor: PR Central Sulawesi / Ikhsan Madjido

Muat Lebih

PROF PATTATOPE Resigned from the structural position of the
pratama high official (PTP) as the Head of the Regional Development Planning
Agency (Bappeda) of Central Sulawesi Province.

Pattatope has left the duty after has been about
eight years on this position. The reason is to keep the rules that change
frequently, so that later he will not be able to return from a structural to
functional position as an academic professor at Tadulako University.

In addition, being an academic can retire at the
age of 70, while structural PTP is only up to 58 years.

“There were no problems during carrying out
the tasks mandated by the Governor to me. By becoming an academic there is an
opportunity to pursue the adjustment of the professor’s functional promotion to
Untad to IVe,” said Prof Pattatope as saying by the press release of PR
Central Sulawesi on Monday (02/11/2019).

Despite being an academic, Pattatope said that he
would continue to oversee and help provide ideas and suggestions for the
success of the Central Sulawesi provincial government’s vision and mission.

Located in the work room of the Head of Central
Sulawesi Bappeda, Prof. Hatta Tope officially handed over the baton of the head
of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Development Planning Agency to the Acting
Head of Bappeda Ramlan Yunus, M.Sc who currently serves as the Secretary of the
Central Sulawesi Provincial Bappeda.

The Sertijab runs simple, even though the room is
quite dark due to a power outage.

Assistant III Mulyono, who represented the
Governor of Central Sulawesi, stated that it is undeniable that the progress
and development of Central Sulawesi to date has been extraordinary and advanced
after being led by Prof. Pattatope.

“Eight years is not a short time to build
infrastructure, economy, human resources, and socio-culture that has been built
by Mr. Pattatope as according to the plan as Head of Bappeda and this is very
extraordinary,” said Assistant III.

The indicators can be seen in the pace of economic
development in Central Sulawesi which had advanced 9 percent and then was
devastated by the earthquake disaster and even this Central Sulawesi economic
growth rate was still strong at around 6.3 percent.

“This is because our economic development
foundation is still strong, and this is not free from his cold hands,” he

“Life is a choice and he became the Head of
Bappeda as his choice and choosing to go back to academia was his choice too,
and of course if his own choice was certain the results would be good,”
Mulyono added.

To Acting Bappeda Mulyono hoped that Bappeda’s
performance should not drop because there was no definitive official, and if
the Bapedda structural officials could help each other with the tasks of the
Acting Chief of Bappeda.

Sertijab, the Head of the Central Sulawesi
Bappeda, ended with the signing of the minutes as well as the submission of the
Central Sulawesi Governor’s Decree, which was attended by all structural officials
from the Central Sulawesi Province Bappeda.**

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