Covid 19: In a Week Palu City Has Decreased, While Buol, Toli-Toli Has Increased

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Penanganan Covid-19 RS. Madani/Foto: Yohanes Clemens
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Palu,- The case of covid 19 or corona virus in Central Sulawesi is (Sulteng) for the Palu City specially Palu began to experience a good trend, today the article there are 4 patients positive treated at RS Undata has been declared cured and in the past week only confirmed one positive case.

Rather than reverse with that, for Buol District and the Toli-Toli District in the past week experienced a significant increase. In addition of new cases are from two districts in the past week from the Jemaah Tabliqh (JT) cluster which has a history of Ijtima Ulama trevel in Gowa, South Sulawesi.

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While the district to be still the green zones remaining is 4, there are Parigi Moutong District, Donggala District, Balut District, and Banggai District.

While of covid 19 update in Central Sulawesi has got the number 101 positive cases today according to National data and Information Center which has been release of covid 19 by date on May 13 2020.

Haris Karimis is a spokesperson National data and information Center of Covid 19 in Central Sulawesi, present of positive case today increased are seven cases, six from Buol District and one from Poso District.

Then, for people under surveillance and patient under surveillance is declining, where more cases are recovered than previous cases.

“People under surveillance increase by three and those who have finished people under surveillance are eight people, so that the cases of people under surveillance dropped by five cases to 142 people. While for patient under surveillance today increase by one and completed patient under surveillance are three people, so that of patient under surveillance dropped by two cases to twenty –eight people” said Haris in its release.

The Public health Office in Central Sulawesi has coordinated date updates of covid 19 to the National task force (according to the Standard Operating Procedures SOP Ministry of Health RI), in the National tabulations date update today.

The Spokesperson are then appealed to the people in Central Sulawesi who supporting participate the District/City health service surveillance team in carrying out positive confirmed history cluster tracking, to break the eye of the spread chain.

Besides, the Public is also required to keep the government’s agenda, Army and Police in prevention efforts of covid 19. Said a spokesperson. Don’t gather, avoid the crowd love you’re self and you’re family. Let’s stay at home, with a healthy lifestyle. He said.

This date will be continued to experience as development changes of covid 19 in Central Sulawesi. Therefore, the public is asked to keep the new date update from the Public Health office in Central Sulawesi. ***

Reporter: Indra Setiawan

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