Covid-19: Palu Hospital Zero Corona Patients

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Penanganan Covid-19 RS. Madani/Foto: Yohanes Clemens
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Palu city,- The exposed patients of covid 19 are pronounced cured again, who was treated Hospital (RS) Anutapura Palu. So that at present the treated patients in Anutapura Hospital are positive zero.

It was confirmed by director PlT Anutapura Hospital (RS) in Palu is dr. Herry Mulyadi directly found at Kailipost. On Sunday, May 31 2020 in her home.

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“There is good news about patients who are positive of covid 19 to specify of Palu religion at Anutapura Palu the positive patients it’s not there anymore and for Anutapura Hospital zero declared. “explained dr. Hery
The patient’s identity card of Palu, namely A, after the positive first swab result is cured declared, the second swab result is negative but still waiting for a long process, and the third swab are negative declared and cured, so that it can be discharged, explained dr. Hery.

“I say thank you to the entire of medical team who have hard working all this time. And if the patients is home, it’s expected to neigh boards do not exclude them, because disease is not a disgrace, He said.***

Reporter: Alsih Marselina/Yohanes

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