New normal: dr. Herry: the people are ready to live a normal life

Plt Direktur Rumah Sakit Anutapura Palu, drg Herry Mulyadi/ft: Alsih Marselina

“With the new normal, it’s hoped that activities can be return normal, but by experts is not founded too corona vaccine,” explained by dr. Herry that found in on Sunday, (May 31 2020).

He’s explained live a normal life is encouraging of social human to continue the activities, however, the public the public is asked to follow the government of health protocols.

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“We have to come back of normal life. Because, our economic factors. The school activities should also be conducted, because this is not pandemic it will the end. So we will come back a normal life” he exsplained. ***

Reporter/Translate: Alsih Marselina/Sarifasrah

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