Donggala Holds Initial Seminar of the Past Two Year Disaster Implications Study

Seminar awal Kajian Tektonik dan Pemetaan Geologi Struktur Sepanjang  Zona Palu Koro Pasca Gempa Bumi ,Tsunami dan Likuifaksi 2018/ft: Humas
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Donggala Regency,- On September 28, 2018 disaster had a direct impact on the Donggala Regency Spatial Plan (RTRW). Therefore, at Donggala Regency Government held an initial seminar related to tectonic studies and geological mapping of structures along the post-earthquake Palu koro zone, on 2018 earthquake and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi on Monday (6/22).

The seminar discusses about the implications for disaster mitigation and spatial planning in Donggala and surrounding areas and took place in the hall of the Regional Development Planning, in Donggala Regency.

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The activity was opened by Regent of Donggala and also Kasman Lahasa, attended by the head of Development Planning Agency IS Ardin T. Taiyeb in Donggala Regency and member of Regional People’s Representative Assembly form the field of finance II Commissions, both Taufik and Andi Maulana from the Hasannudin University in Makassar.
In greetings, the Donggala Regent said that at the time of natural disasters two years ago, there were a number of districts that affected by the disaster including of Donggala Regency.

“Hopefully with the implementation of this community activities will understood and know how to adapt and at the same time know the behavior of mitigating in anticipating the implementation of development disaster activities in Donggala Regency, he hoped.

A regent of activities was added, conducted to convey the methodology in carrying out geological survey activities and mapping of the structure in Palu -koro fracture after the natural disaster of the earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction of 2018 ago.

“At the same time in order to potential recognized and problems that have occurred in 2018 ago,” he said. ***

Reporter: Syamsir Hasan

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