Bad Weather, Basarnas Palu Alert Troops

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Palu City,- the bad weather has struct in Central Sulawesi, until now to be attention especially of Basarnar in Palu.

The considering are high of rainfall a fews ago was caused flooding regions various in Central Sulawesi.

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The head of Basarnas is Adrian Hendik Johanes in Palu appeal all of members to improve has preparedness of Basarnas personeel and equipment.

That things have done because of the rainfall has occur for a fews days, before is causing of floods at several points.

I hope that personeel has always ready both in the office, as well as those standby with Basarnas. He said, on Saturday July, 25 2020.

In addition, the appeal to community was made also a head of Basarnas that is Andi Sultan to be more vigilant and careful, especially has community in the floods cloud of areas. If there has dangerous the situation occur, such as is flooding the community was expected to contac emergency call of Basarnas on 155 (toll free). ***

Reporter : Rizky Ade

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