Reported in fraud cases, Prof Mery Report Back

Fto: Prof Mery

Palu City,- Prof Merry Napitupulu M. Sc has report by Zulfikar A.M Kasim of the case suspected fraud case in buying and selling car transactions. Quoted from indonesia language .com. Prof Merry Prof. Mery was reported in the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, on July 26 2020 at 10.55 o’clock with a Police Report 257/VII/2020/SULTENG/SKPT.

When she was contacted, Prof Merry explained she is doesn’t know the person who reported it. Even, she was never transaction with the concerned.

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“Even, I don’t know the name and phone number of that person, He transacted with Arya and also I was transacted with Arya. Because I have never been able to transfer from Arya, so I did not give that car. But he took the vehicle registration and BPKB car from my child,” explained Prof. Mery who is also one of the Professors in Tadulako University, on Wednesday July 29 2020.

Then, the reporter instead asked him for money, because Prof Merry never was received a money transfer, when he realized he had been tricked by Arya she asked for the STNK and BPKB from the hands of his son and handed it over to his friend who got into the white car of Plate B and ran away. Everything has been reported to the police.

Thank you, may God help the mother and families who are almost fraud victims. He was explained.***

Reporter: Yohanes Clemens

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