The Pasigala Disaster: The Polemic of Huntap Do not Become an Election Issue

Fto: Mohamad Rizal/ist

Palu City, the polemic of Permanent housing development for palu city of natural disaster victims until now unresolved. Various obstacles are ranging from land acquisition, so that some people are reluctant to occupy Permanent housing development because it is far from their territory.

Not to mention of other people asking that the construction of Huntap be stopped. Because the land that will be used as a construction they are manage them.

Responding to that, Vice Chairman II of DPRD in Palu, Mohammad Rizal, to Media, on Wednesday August 05, 2020 hoping for the polemic, doesn’t become a political issue in the regional head election (Pilkada).

“This polemic actually makes sad for us, if this ball continues to roll without direction; it seems to be exploited by the election issue. Someone who attacked and was attacked,” he said.

He continued, Today’s society needs certainty in the realization of Huntap development. On the other hand, other residents have needed their rights to manage their ancestral lands.

“Both can be finished, by finding the meeting point For example how much land is needed for the Permanent housing development construction the sum with the area of land for the construction site. If the remaining land is available, the Talise brothers are given the community.” He explained

So, he explained, the Permanent housing development construction can continue and other residents can also calmly manage the land that they have long managed.

Therefore, Palu City government must be present for the benefit of the community, because the problem of Huntap is a shared problem. Nothing is blocking, all agreed with the resolution of the disaster 2 years ago. One of them is the development of Huntap.

“It is unfortunate if there is a conflict in the community in the completion of Permanent housing development stage 3. Even though this problem has a solution, the question is whether the government has the intention to solve it or instead let the conflict occur in the community?” said Mohammad Rizal

He hopes too, the time has come for the government, in this case the Palu municipal government, to be present for the benefit of the community, Solve this problems and without is having to bring up new problems. ***

Reporter: Firmansyah Lawawi

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