The Drug Dengue Fever Has Not Been Found

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THE Fever Bloody Dengue (dengue) is a disease that can be deadly. The virus is transmitted by mosquito Aedes aegypti s indeed dangerous to humans. By his own until now, a powerful way to win the disease has not been found.

Head of the Department of Health (Health) the city of Palu, Royke Abraham said, dengue is a disease endemic, so as to curing patients with dengue fever should be taken seriously. Until now there is no special medicine for treating his Bloody Dengue, ” said Royke, recently.

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So for the prevention, he suggested that people always routinely make improvements or cleaning their neighbourhoods. In addition, it alone in a chain with the Mosquito (PSN). This is a step promotif and preventive. With the 3 M ples.

“Trigger the emergence of the disease is one of them due to the community that is not healthy. the mosquito Aedes aegypti preferred to rest in places that are rarely touched, ” he said. From the data released by his side, the DHF cases hit parts of the city of Palu in 2016 and reach 637 cases, where the number of the two of them with the disease died. The data is declining compared to the previous year.Which, in 2015, the number of DHF patients to 653 the case. Riga was declared dead the world. While this year, it launched from January to February stood at only 33 cases.

“We will continue to suppress the number of dengue cases, so that people with the disease dengue fever is not increased the number of. Therefore, the prevention of disease better than cure, ” he said. ***

reportase/editor: yuni ridwan

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