The district prosecutor is still indecision of executing ‘Ekka Pontoh’

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of Supreme Court has been published: Sentenced to 6 Years
The district prosecutor is still
indecision of executing ‘Ekka Pontoh’

PARIGI DISTRICT ATTORNEY Until now is still uncertain about going to execute Ekka
Pontoh, The District Secretary of Parigi Moutong. Despite of command from
Supreme Court of RI that the Cassation Attorney had been published, Ekka Pontoh
(EP) was sentenced to six years jail and fine of Rp 200 million.

Uncertainity of executing EP, said
Parmout District Attorney, Jurist P. Sitepu occurred because his team will
still learn whether the execution is a command from Supreme Court or execution
command of judicial review.

“We will continue to execute Ekka,
however there are two different versions, so we will learn whether the
execution is the order from Supreme Court or judicial review later,” said
Jurist. He said, regarding to when executions will be carried out, his team
currently sends a letter to the High Court.

“Last month, I had sent a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office for
questioning when Ekka Pontoh will be be executed, the translation of the letter
I cannot lay out to the media friends, because of the letter content is
confidential,” he explained.
Jurist said, why is it yet to heed the orders of Supreme
Court for the execution, because of conflicts between two legal facts with the
same investigators, in this case pointed to Regional Police of Central Celebes.

He said, “Looking at the Ekka Pontoh
first case handled by the Central Sulawesi Corruption Police, which is where
the case is disbursing budgets through the signing a letter of instruction
Thaw,  however
this time the
investigators of Central Sulawesi Police are investigating the case of forgery,
which is where the signature of Ekka Pontoh turns out to be falsified by
Mohamad Agus, with the suspect Damran.

He added, although in
terms of execution are the domain of his team, but in this case,
pre-prosecution is the Central Sulawesi High Court. Because there is a conflict
of two legal facts by the Regional Police, thus it can not necessarily do the
execution, although the Supreme Court has ordered to execute.

“In the legal structure of the
prosecutor’s office, there is still higher level, namely High Court, so
associated with pre-prosecution, they cannot take their own attitudes.
Currently I am still waiting a reply letter on next High Court referral,
“he said.

He emphasized, in such
case like this, there is a proverb, “Better to let go 1,000 people convicted
instead of detaining an innocent person”. Therefore, this is the real fact in
the eyes of every investigators.
When being asked, whether in the case of
Ekka Pontoh, the prosecution will conduct investigations into the case related
to the development of flow of funds as stated in the reading of the indictment
by Ekka Pontoh’s defense in court, Jurists said, his team had not yet viewed
the demand of the indictment, because it is only viewed from some of the
evidences: A refund Rp1 billion to the local treasury, and some evidence

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