Legislative Member’s Salary Rejected by The Regent

THE REJECTION Happened by the Parmout Regent, Samsurizal Tombolotutu against the Local Regulation of a change in the salaries of DPRD legislative members which is considered not able to be funded by the region yet. However, the government finally agreed to allocate a budget of Rp 2 billion more to adjust the change in legislative member’s salary in the APBD budget (APBD-P) 2017.

A member of DPRD Banggar, Hazairin Paudi, met at the DPRD office on Thursday (14/9), confirmed that the budget was allocated for the salary change of DPRD members in accordance with the mandate of PP 18 which has been contained in the local regulation. According to the change of Parmout Parliament’s salary based on each item such as changes in transportation funds, recess allowances funds, travel funds and others.

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Hazairin continued, that the calculation of changes in the salary of the DPRD for the district of Parmout has not been standardized. They only estimate which district has the lowest proposed to the province that has not been approved. Because the standard calculation adjustment will be poured and determined through regent regulation, which is facilitated by the province.

He just said that, the use of basic calculations is still imitated by Sigi District. “We also depend on per bub, anyway if the consequences are reduced, but if it has small amount, then it will have ‘rapel’” he admitted. It’s just that his side admitted that the budget for adjustment changes in salary of DPRD was already in the plot, but still temporary.

The same thing is also expressed by other banggar member, Alfrets Tonggiro, admitted later if the basis used based on the count of classification, obviously on provincial facilitation is not one-sided. According to him, the adjustment changes in the salary of the DPRD was calculated objectively not subjectively. And according to the ability of the region, there are some indicators.

Such as: the low indicator there would be rules, medium and high. As for the calculation of salary dispensing DPRD used for Parmout district is currently moderate classification. Meanwhile, the data received by the media mentioned that after the salary adjustment per increment, the estimated increase in budget for the salary of Parmout Parliament for a year in 2018 will come to Rp6 billion which previously only reached Rp8, 7 billion will rise to Rp15, 1 billion. However, the increase is not directly proportional because later on, after the change of salary  being legitimated, all operational vehicles used by DPRD members are withdrawn because it has been regulated in PP 18. **

Reporter / Bureau Of Parmout: Fharadiba

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