Parmout 2018, None Of Tourism Facilities Improvement

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Reporter/parmout : Roy L. Mardani

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- In 2018, there will be no improvement or new development of tourism facilities based on the statement of Head of Youth and Sports Service of Tourism (Disporapar) of Parigi Moutong (Parmout), Hamka Lagala.
He said, in 2018, Disporapar of Parmout’s budget decreases during the year that reached 60 percents. Thus, some attractions locations that should be repaired and done such as addition Likunggavali in Uevolo Village Siniu District had to be cancelled. 
It is not only Likunggavali, yet some other tourist attractions in Parmout Regency that should get a repair and construction of facilities also cancelled due to the non-availability of budget conditions. ” Not only 40 percent down. This year, our budget is down to 60 percent. So we can not do much about the repair or construction of new facilities in some attractions. About the amount of budget that we manage this year, I can not mention how much exactly is, “he admitted.
He added that the condition of the budget shortage did not cancel the implementation of a number of great events that have been discourse by Disporapar of Parmout. In fact, he was optimistic to hold some great events like fashion carnaval, though in financial condition that decreased up to 60 percents. 
He also admitted, the less the budget will be more activities will be implemented Disporapar Parmout. Not only that, there are some activities that carried out his side, which is considered to produce profits which then managed again, including providing reservations making the carnival fashion attributes.
However, the making for the carnival fashion attribute order does not take great advantages. ” One of the regions that order, namely Gorontalo Province. The orders want to make carnaval fashion shaped maleo birds. I also told the staff who made such an order, not to take a big advantage, “he said. 
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