Lore Valley Festival, Knit Traditions Protect Ecosystems

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THE LORE Valley Festival will be a path for livelihoods and sustainable community enterprises to be seen and valued by the wider community.

The festival manager, Subarkah said the festival is not only a celebration, but also a breakthrough for product development and community livelihoods and greater public support.

“The community will be presented how the community’s efforts to support the local economy while protecting its ecosystem,” said Subarkah at one of the hotels in Palu, Tuesday (09/10/2019).

The festival will be held on 20 to 23 September 2019 with the theme of knitting the tradition of preserving nature. It will carried out in Wanga Village, Lore Peore District, Poso, Central Sulawesi.

In this event, he explained, the community and producers will be part of a global effort to save Indonesia’s ecology, and an important element of Indonesian society.

“This festival has the theme of knitting tradition, preserving nature which aims to introduce the wealth of the Lore Valley people to the world,” he continued.

In the festival, various activities will be held such as community product exhibitions, joint discussions that raise issues of the potential of Lore Valley tourism including conservation efforts and welfare of local communities, medicinal mosaics, “Modulu Dulu” (Meal Together), traditional art shows, and Lore Valley photo expedition.

Visitors who attend the Lore Valley Festival can also set up tents in the camping ground area that the committee has prepared.

In this area visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the Lore Valley. **

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