A Beautiful Midwife Dares to Enter the Covid-19 Team

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Palu City, This is story’ a beautiful midwife Palu who dedicates her time to being a Covid-19 patient nurse. Her name is Rirhy Ola Mengkido, a beautiful 27-year-old midwife.

Maybe, I’m a little surprised when you hear there is a midwife who wants to be a nurse. Regrdless from his activities as a midwife he wanted to go straight to dedicating his full time to caring for Covid-19 patients.

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She is, with the reason that his heart was willing to dedicate his strength would treat Covid-19 patients in Madani Hospital (RS) Palu.

This must be done, because in the Hospital where she works, not all medical personnel there are brave to be ready to go directly. As a result, at the request of the hospital director he must accept the noble work, while challenging his life to save the lives of others.

“Not only is a coincidence, but also this an opportunity for God’s trust for me to get involved. As long as it can be a blessing to jump directly into the impact of Covid-19 patients, why not? I think with all of this Good has purposed for me,” Ola said when interviewed by this media. Sunday (10/05).

Other than, according to Ola, he was grateful to be given the opportunity by the hospital leader, for himself to be able to work serving Covid-19 patients and plunging directly into the medical team at Madani Hospital in Palu.

Initially I never had the thought that I would be chosen by the director to join the Covid-19 team in handling Covid-19 patients. “But I’m grateful, even though at first I was afraid, but after a few days this fear does not exist anymore and I am absolutely sure this is an opportunity for me to be an impact for my fellow people, especially the Covid-19 patient,” said the midwife who is familiarly called Rirhy

Meanwhile, when asked how his initial fear knew that he would be chosen to be part of the Covid-19 team. Ola answered, he did not deny that there must be fear and doubted, because his understanding so far from the news about the medical personnel who died while on duty, according to him was frightening, as if the cruel news corona virus shrinks his guts

I do not deny there has been much news about the news of medical friends who are directly exposed to the corona virus. While on duty and not a few of them lost their lives while carrying out this noble duty. But, fear will remain and I can’t get rid of it and I can only fight, I think my goal is not to die, but for humanitarian reasons,” Said the woman who has mixed blood of Palu-Poso

Furthermore, when asked how the family responded, when he found out he would be involved with the Covid-19 team. He said, his family supported and there was no prohibition, even his family only advised to remain cautious and rely on God. He is said.

Besides the courage to fight fear, and protective equipment from (ADP) and believe of god, Ola said, this is an unexpected experienced and will be remembered and forgotten despite the stigma of Covid-19 as it is now, so alarming because of the limited education about Covid-19.

In fact. In my opinion this is an opportunity for me to serve, carry the heart to continue to give the best for people who needed its impact,” he concluded.***

Reporter : Yohanes Clemens

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